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Europa: A beautiful free font for designers in 2015.
Europa Font Style Guide

13th August 2015

Ewan Collinge

Ewan Collinge

Stumbling over a font that is both beautiful and genuinely versatile is a rarity, even more so discovering that it’s available for free!

Stumbling over a font that is both beautiful and genuinely versatile is a rarity, even more so discovering that it’s available inexpensively from Typekit. We’ve chosen Europa, from the EuropaType foundry, as the first in our series of fonts we love, and we like it so much we used it on our old website. It’s available via Adobe Typekit here.

The combination of geometric reduction and humanistic vitality makes Europa a modern Sans Serif. Despite the distinct geometrical touch and characterful roughness, it can be used for both text and headline purposes, due to optical modulation rather than metrical construction. General proportions provide optimised legibility and reading fluency in small sizes. Modern capital letter widths give a balanced overall impression and the x-height of two-thirds of the capital height leads to economical tracking not neglecting legibility. Slightly narrowed letters (e.g. oval O/o) create visual harmony and good contrast in body text. Articulate ascenders, diagonally cut up-/downstroke endings and pointed angles at the baseline diagonals create distinct dynamics. Fractured stem-curve intersections provide a more open print image in small size. Its name refers to the inspirational origins, two popular European typefaces: the geometrical Futura and the humanistic Gill Sans.

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24th February 2016

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